Qi Chen Lab News



2021.5-Qi gave a Keynote talk at GECKO Conference 2021 on sperm RNA code and epigenetic inheritance, Junchao gave a talk introducing SPORTS and PANDORA-seq for improved small RNA identification and characterization.

2021.5-Our new review/opinion article on the origin and evolving functionalities of tsRNAs is now online in Trends in Biochemical Sciences

2021.5-Junchao and Qi gave talks in Keysone eSymposia; and Qi gave a talk at 8th Helmholtz Diabetes Conference as HeIDi nominee.

2021.4-our new paper reporting a RNA-seq method PANDORA-seq, which expands the small RNA world by overcoming RNA modifications, is now online in Nature Cell Biology. Read our twitter digest and News story.

2021.2-3 Qi gave zoom talks at New York University, Caltech, Baylor College of Medicine, and NIH P50 center on the role of sperm RNA code in mammalian epigenetic inheritance.


2020.11-We contribute to the development of a "diease RNA code" using tsRNA/rsRNA/ysRNA for lung cancer diagnosis in Molecular Cancer

2020.8-We obtain a NIH/NIEHS R01 grant to study how the 'sperm RNA code' respond to environmental stressors in epigenetic inheritance

2020.8-Our new paper on Small RNA modifications & Alzheimer's disease is online in Neurobiology of Disease

2020.5-Our Preview paper discussing the interplay between ROS and sperm-mediated epigenetic inheritance is online in Molecular Cell

2020.2-We wrote a News & Views to enhance the concept of human "sperm RNA code" under acute sugar diet in Nat Rev Endocrinol
2020.2- Qi gave a talk at AAAS 2020 on the exciting session of the dynamic RNA Modifications in disease and environmental response.


2019.11- Qi is recognized as a Highly Cited Researcher - 2019 by Web of Science, humbly honored to be on the list. 

2019.7-8 Qi gave talks at SSR 2019, SDB 2019Epigenetic inheritance Symposium 2019 & CRUK Manchester, great to meet old and new friends!

2019.6-Our opinion paper discussing the concept of 'sperm RNA code' in programming offspring phenotypes is now online in Nat Rev Endocrinol !

2019.5-Qi gave a talk at GRC-Germinal Stem Cell Biology meeting and presented our new data on the function of modified tsRNAs.

2019.3-Our opinion paper on the expanding repertoire of hereditary information carriers for epigenetic inheritance is online in Development !

2019.3-Qi gave a talk at SOT 2019 on environmental stressor-induced epigenetic inheritance and the role of sperm RNA & RNA modifications

2019.2-On Feb 1st 2019, Qi Chen lab moved to University of California, Riverside !


2018.12-We are happy to contribute to the new paper published in Cell showing symmetry breaking driven by heterogeneous LincGET since 2-cell mouse embryo - a demonstration of our previous bioinformatic/mathematic prediction in Development !

2018.11-Our paper with Dr. Yongsheng Liu commenting on 150 years of Charles Darwin’s Pangenesis theory is now online in Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol !

2018.10-11-Qi gave talks at 3rd ISEMHH, 5th Conference of Frontiers in Reproductive BiologyNIBS and ShanghaiTech University.

2018.10-Our Forum paper summarizing tsRNAs/tRFs' acrobatic ways in translational control is online in Trends in Biochemical Sciences

2018.6-Our paper of sperm RNA/Dnmt2 -mediated intergenerational transfer of metabolic disorder is highlighted by Nat Rev Endocrinol

2018.5-Kudos! Congratulations to Xudong  & Junchao Shi for receiving the Berner Scholarship, and to Maya for receiving the Edwards Biology Scholarship & Goldwater National Scholarship Nominee, and to Yunfang for receiving the Ray Wu Prize! So proud of you all!

2018.5-2018.5-Our new Perspective with Zernica-Goetz Lab on mammalian embryo symmetry-breaking is published in Nature Communications !

2018.5- SPORTS1.0: our bioinformatic tool with Zhou lab for analyzing tsRNAs/rsRNAs is published in Genomics Proteomics Bioinformatics !

2018.4-Our fantstic team work reporting Dnmt2 is required for sperm small RNA-mediated epigenetic inheritance is online in Nature Cell Biology !
2018.4- Qi Gave seminars at NIH/NIEHS and UC Riverside discussing latest advances in sperm RNAs and RNA modifications.

2018.3- Qi Gave a talk at Wellcome Genome Campus, great meeting for discussing cutting-edge science and meeting with friends!


2017.11- Qi gave a talk at CSHA-RNA Modifications & Epitranscriptomics, about new data on sperm RNA modifications, structure & function.
- Qi gave talks at University of Cambridge & Rank Prize symposium on sperm RNA-mediated epigenetic inheritance.

2017.8- Our Research Highlight on Martienssen lab’s work about tsRNAs' role in mammalian retrotransposon control is online in Cell Research

-We get an R01 grant from NIH/NICHD to continuously study Sperm tsRNAs and RNA modifications in diet-Induced epigenetic inheritance!

2017.6- Qi gave a talk at Gordon Research Conference-Germinal Stem Cell Biology on sperm RNA-mediated epigenetic inheritance.

2017.5- Congratulations Maya for winning the Nevada Undergraduate Research Award & INBRE Undergraduate Research Program!

2017.4- Welcome Dr.Menghong Yan to join us as visiting professor!

2017.2- Qi gave a CMBAG seminar at The Scripps Research Institute , a great visit to inspire and to be inspired.

2017.1- Our commentary paper on epigenetic game theory in gamets & early embryo is now online in Physics of Life Reviews



2016.11-Our review paper with Lowe lab on small RNA modifications is now online in Trends in Molecular Medicine

2016.10-Qi gave a talk at the 4th SKLRB Symposia on Reproductive Biology, its great to be there and back again.

-Our review paper with Dr. Yan & Duan on sperm RNAs and epigenetic inheritance is now online in Nature Reviews Genetics

2016.9-Qi attend the 2016 tRNA Conference and gave a talk, learning new stuffs in this old but facinating field, and the meaning of “Learning is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance”. 

-Welcome Maya Pahima to join us as an undergraduate volunteer!

2016.8-Qi gave a talk at the Mammalian Reproduction - Gordon Research Conference, great meeting for discussing science & meeting friends.

-Our commentary paper on the topic of molecular carriers of acquired inheritance is now online in Environmental Epigenetics.

-We obtained a 1 year, $50,000, Pilot Grant from University of Nevada School of Medicine, with a focus on Single-cell RNA-seq analysis of AQP3-expressing cells in urothelium.

2016.7-Welcome Kristopher Alighchi to join us as an undergraduate volunteer!

2016.6-Our review paper on sperm RNAs and epigenetic memory get accepted in Nature Reviews Genetics!

2016.5-Congratulations to Yunfang Zhang to get funding support from CSC as visiting student, we look forward to your arrival in Reno!

2016.4-Congratulations to Junchao Shi, Xudong Zhang and Ying Liu to get admissions of our CMB graduate program as PhD students, we look forward to your arrival!

-Our paper reporting the involvement of sperm tsRNAs in epigenetic memory of acquired traits received good attentions from the community, and was highlighted in journals including Nature Reviews Genetics, Cell Metabolism, Cell Research, FASEB JournalBiology of Reproduction and Science Bulletin, in addition to other multimedia news reports.

2016.1-Our paper entitled "Sperm tsRNAs contribute to intergenerational inheritance of an acquired metabolic disorder", is published online in Science on the last day of 2015! Qi Chen was interviewed by Science, the contents of which was included in an Editorial Story published in Science on the first day of 2016.



2015.10-Our paper on early mammalian embryo symmetry-breaking is published online in Development, accompanied with an Editorial Highlight.

2015.10-Qi Chen moved to University of Nevada School of Medicine, Reno NV. Qi Chen Lab opened in the sunshine of Nevada, on October 1st, 2015.