Qi Chen, M.D., Ph.D.  (Group Leader)

I'm majoring in biology and interested in mathematic modeling & bioinformatics. I obtained my Master's degree from Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a PhD degree at UC Riverside focusing on noncanonical small RNAs such as tsRNAs and rsRNAs.  I'm currently working on the dynamic regualtion and  functions of sperm small RNAs in normal and disease conditions  (Google Scholar)

Junchao Shi (Postdoc)

I got my PhD from Fudan University and trained in plant biology, I joined in Dr. Xuemei Chen’s lab at UCR for plant small RNA study, where I developed an interest in exploring the broader world of small RNAs and their evolutionary origins, which is my current research focus in Dr. Qi Chen lab  (Google Scholar )

Bailong Zhang (Project scientist)

Xudong Zhang (Postdoc)

I was trained in molecular biology and stem cell biology at Chinese Academy of Sciences, where I got my Master's degree. I got my PhD at Dr. Qi Chen's lab studying  the functions and regulations of RNA modifications, paticularly those enriched in tsRNAs. My current projects involve studying the functional principles of tsRNAs and stem cells and disease models (Google Scholar)
After I got my M.D. at Chongqing Medical University, I began my research with a project studying mouse embryo implantation with Dr. Enkui Duan at Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, where I grew an interest in the molecular & biomechanical mechanisms to control intrauterine embryo localization and embryo orientation. After a twisted and exciting journey of discovery, I ended up studying water channels (aquaporins, AQPs) in reproductive system, discovering AQP3's role in sperm osmoadaptation, which turned out to be my Ph.D thesis. I then moved on to study small RNAs in sperm and pioneered the systematic discovery of tRNA-derived small RNAs (tsRNAs) & rRNA-derived small RNAs (rsRNAs) that are enriched in mature sperm, and discovered the function of sperm tsRNAs and rsRNAs in mediating paternal environment-induced intergenerational epigenetic inheritance, which depends on their associated RNA modifications and regulating enzymes. We are now exploring the potential roles of tsRNA/rsRNA in regulating early mammalian embryonic cell fate decision that contribute to offspring health, as well as the expanding world of sncRNAs and RNA modifications in different biological systems including cancer causation, and their diagnostic and prognostic value for precision medicine. (Short CV) (NIH Biosketch)

A Cake of Science & Wishes...

I am an undergraduate biology major on the pre-med track at the University of California, Riverside. My main research interests include RNA modification, the creation of the disease RNA code for cancer diagnosis, and stem cell differentiation. I joined Professor Chen’s Lab to better understand and gain more experience with epigenetic and stem cell research, which has many relations to the medical field
Austin Yu 
(Undergraduate student)

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Qi Chen Lab alumni:
Maya Pahima (Undergraduate student) 2017-2018
Kristopher Alighchi (Undergraduate student) 2017-2018
Joanne Garcia (Undergraduate student) 2017-2018
Yannan Hu (Rotation student) 2019
Carol Wann (Undergraduate student) 2019-2020
Cameron Krainock (Undergraduate student) 2019-2020
Yunfang Zhang (Visiting Scholar) 2017-2018
Menghong Yan (Visiting Scholar) 2017-2018
Ying Zhang (Visiting Scholar) 2019-2020
Dongmei Tan (Visiting Scholar) 2017-2019
I am a fourth-year Biology student at the University of California, Riverside. I plan on becoming a primary care physician and practicing in the Inland Empire to help bridge the healthcare disparities in the area. My interest in Dr. Chen’s research on the role of Sperm RNA modifications in transgenerational epigenetic inheritance stems under the university Honors Capstone Project

The Departure in Beijing (2015.8)

We are moving from UNR to UC Riverside (2018.12)

Maya's Honors Convocation at UNR

Farewell, UNR - the place we grow

Shichao Liu (Project scientist)

I obtained my PhD degree in Developmental Biology from Northeast Agricultural University in China. I'm interested in cell fate commitment and lineage determination during mammalian early embryonic development. I joined Qi Chen Lab to further explore the molecular and mechanical mechanisms that guide  early mouse embryo development and pattern formation (Google Scholar)

Qi Chen lab at UC Riverside (2019)

Kashmaila Ali 
(Undergraduate student)

Junchao & Xudong's PhD graduation (2022)