Qi Chen, M.D., Ph.D.  (Group Leader)

I'm majoring in biology and interested in mathematic modeling and bioinformatics. I obtained my Master's degree in developmental biology from Chinese Academy of Sciences, where I developed an interest in sperm small RNAs and mammalian embryo development. I joined Qi Chen Lab for my continuous interests in embryo development and RNA-mediated epigenetic inheritance. (Researchgate)

Junchao Shi (PhD Student)

I obtained my Bachelor’s degree at Beijing University of Chemical Technology and then a Master’s degree at University of Nevada, Reno, majored in chemical engineering, with experiences in analytical chemistry. I joined Dr. Chen's group in 2016 as a PhD student, studying the structures and modifications of  tsRNAs.

Ying Liu (PhD Student)

Xudong Zhang (PhD Student)

I was trained in molecular biology and stem cell biology at Chinese Academy of Sciences, where I got my Master's degree. I grow a keen interest in the functions and mechanisms of RNA modifications, paticularly those enriched in small RNAs, which led me join Dr. Chen's lab in 2016. My current projects involves using genetic mouse models & biochemical approaches to study tsRNAs. (Researchgate)

Yunfang Zhang (Visiting Student)

I'm a visiting PhD student from Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. My research interests include serum-enriched tsRNAs upon inflammatory responses, tsRNAs and epigenetic memory, as well as exosome -dependent and -independent RNA delivery. (Researchgate)
After I got my M.D. at Chongqing Medical University, I began my research with a project studying mouse embryo implantation with Dr. Enkui Duan at Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, where I grew an interest in the molecular & biomechanical mechanisms to control intrauterine embryo localization and embryo orientation. After a twisted and exciting journey of discovery, I ended up to study water channels (aquaporins, AQPs) in reproductive system, discovering AQP3's role in sperm osmoadaptation, which turned out to be my Ph.D thesis. After the experience of working on sperm, I moved on to study small RNAs in sperm, pioneered the systematic discovery of tRNA-derived small RNAs (tsRNAs) & rRNA-derived small RNAs (rsRNAs) that are enriched in mature sperm. The function of sperm tsRNAs and rsRNAs as paternal epigenetic information carrier and related regulation mechanisms, such as those regulated by RNA modifications and related enzymes are the focuses of my current research. I also developed a keen interest on the molecular and cellular origin of early mammalian embryo symmetry-breaking before blastocyst formation, for which we are now utilizing the power of single-cell technology and mathematical modeling to study with. Qi is recognized as a Highly Cited Researchers - 2019  by Web of Science. (Short CV)

A Cake of Science & Wishes...

I'm a visiting scholar from from Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences. My research focuses on developing efficient methods to quantify multiple RNA modifications in RNA samples, and to identify the position and distribution of RNA modifications. I’m also working on the roles of RNA modifications and related enzymes in the intergenerational inheritance of metabolic disorders. (Researchgate)

Menghong Yan (Visiting Professor)

Joanne Garcia (BS/MS student)

I am currently a graduate student in the BS/MS Biotechnology program and also majored in Molecular Microbiology and Immunology. My research interests involve Proteomics and the emerging applications of liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). I joined Dr. Chen's lab to expand my knowledge of applying LC-MS/MS technology in the study RNA modifications.

Keep Calm and Grow Strong...

I am currently majoring in biology at the University of Nevada, Reno. My primary interests are in epigenetic research particularity the transfer of acquired hereditary illnesses. I joined Qi Chen Lab to expand my knowledge and skills on the rising subject of RNA-mediated epigenetic memory.

Kristopher Alighchi

(Undergraduate Volunteer)

Maya Pahima

(Undergraduate Volunteer)

I am an undergraduate double majoring in biology and molecular microbiology and immunology (MMI) at the University of Nevada, Reno. My interest in genetics, as well as my previous experience assisting in stem cell laboratory research, led me to join Dr. Chen's lab in order to continue to expand my knowledge and experience in the dynamic field of epigenetic research.

Dongmei Tan (Visiting Professor)

I’m a visiting scholar from Chongqing Medical University. My research mainly focuses on the reproductive biology and laboratory animal science. I have been studying the mechanism of embryo implantation for the past years. I am also interested in the changes of RNA and RNA modifications in various tissues and organs during species evolution.

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Shichao Liu, PhD (Postdoc)

I obtained my PhD degree in Developmental Biology from Northeast Agricultural University in China. I'm interested in cell fate commitment and lineage determination during mammalian early embryonic development. I joined Qi Chen Lab to further explore the molecular and mechanical mechanisms that guide  early mouse embryo development and pattern formation (Researchgate)