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 Selected Publications (*equal contribution. #correspondence author)

            (2019-present) [PI at University of California, Riverside]

  • Chen Q#, Zhang X, Shi J, Yan M, Zhou T#. Origins and evolving functionalities of tRNA-derived small RNAs. Trends in Biochemical Sciences (2021) Oct;46(10):790-804. [Journal] [PDF]
  • Yuan X, Su Y, Zhang X, Turkel SJ, Shi S, Wang X, Choi EJ, Wu W, Liu H, Viner R, Russo JJ, Li W, Bao X, Chen Q, Zhang S#. MLC Seq: De novo sequencing of full-length tRNA isoforms by mass ladder complementation BioRxiv (2021) https://doi.org/10.1101/2021.05.22.445286 [Link]
  • Liu C, Liu H, Zhang H, Wang L, Li M, Cai F, Wang X, Wang L, Zhang R, Yang S, Liu W, Liang Y, Wang L, Song X, Su S, Gao H, Jiang J, Li J, Luo M, Gao F, Chen Q, Li W#, Chen ZJ#. Paternal USP26 mutations raise Klinefelter syndrome risk in the offspring of mice and humans. The EMBO Journal  (2021) May 12;e106864. doi: 10.15252/embj.2020106864 [Journal] [PDF]
  • Shi J*, Zhang Y*, Tan D*, Zhang X*, Yan M*, Zhang Y*, Franklin R*, Shahbazi M, Mackinlay K, Liu S, Kuhle B, James ER, Zhang L, Qu Y, Zhai Q, Zhao W, Zhao L, Zhou C, Gu W, Murn J, Guo J, Carrell DT, Wang Y, Chen X, Cairns BR, Yang XL, Schimmel P, Zernicka-Goetz M, Cheloufi S#, Zhang Y#, Zhou T#, Chen Q#. PANDORA-seq expands the repertoire of regulatory small RNAs by overcoming RNA modifications. Nature Cell Biology  (2021) Apr;23(4):424-436. DOI: 10.1038/s41556-021-00652-7 [Journal] [PDF] [Twitter digest] [News story]
  • Qu Y*, Chen Q*, Guo S*, Ma C, Lu Y, Shi J, Liu S, Zhou T, Noda T, Qian J, Zhang L, Zhu X, Lei X, Cao Y, Li W, Li W, Plachta N, Matzuk MM, Ikawa M, Duan E#, Zhang Y#, Wang H#. Cooperation-based sperm clusters mediate sperm oviduct entry and fertilization. Protein & Cell (2021) doi:10.1007/s13238-021-00825-y [Journal] [PDF] [Movies]
  • Gu W#,*, Shi J*, Liu H*, Zhang X*, Zhou JJ, Li M, Zhou D, Li R, Lv J, Wen G, Zhu S, Qi T, Li W, Wang X, Wang Z, Zhu H, Zhou C, Knox KS, Wang T, Chen Q#, Qian Z#, Zhou T#. Peripheral blood non-canonical small non-coding RNAs as novel biomarkers in lung cancer. Molecular Cancer. 2020 Nov 12;19(1):159. [Journal] [PDF]
  • Zhang X*, Trebak F*, Souza LA; Shi J, Zhou T, Kehoe PG, Chen Q#, Feng Earley Y#. Small RNA modifications in Alzheimer's disease. Neurobiology of Disease (2020) Nov;145:105058. [Journal] [PDF
  • Zhang Y#, Chen Q#. Human sperm RNA code senses dietary sugar. Nature Reviews Endocrinology (2020) Apr;16(4):200-201. [Journal] [PDF]
  • Zhang X, Chen Q#. A twist between ROS and sperm-mediated intergenerational epigenetic inheritance. Molecular Cell (2020) May 7;78(3):371-373.3 [Journal] [PDF]
  • Zhang Y*, Shi J*, Rassoulzadegan M, Tuorto F, Chen Q#. Sperm RNA code programmes the metabolic health of offspring. Nature Reviews Endocrinology  (2019) Aug;15(8):489-498. [Journal] [PDF]
  • Zhang Y, Chen Q#. The expanding repertoire of hereditary information carriers. Development  (2019) 146: dev170902 doi: 10.1242/dev.170902 [Journal] [PDF]
  • Shi J*, Zhang Y*, Zhou T#, Chen Q#. tsRNAs: the Swiss army knife for translational regulation. Trends in Biochemical Sciences (2019)  44, 185-189. [Journal] [PDF]

           (2016-2018) [PI at University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine]

  • Wang J, Wang L, Feng G, Wang Y, Li Y, Li X, Liu C, Jiao G, Huang C, Shi J, Zhou T, Chen Q, Liu Z, Li W#, Zhou Q#. Asymmetric Expression of LincGET Biases Cell Fate in Two-Cell Mouse Embryos. Cell  (2018) Dec 13;175(7):1887-1901.e18 [Journal] [PDF]
  • Liu Y, Chen Q#. 150 years of Darwin’s theory of intercellular flow of hereditary information. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology  (2018) 19, 749–750 [Journal] [PDF]

  • Zhou T#, Xie X, Li M, Shi J, Zhou JJ, Knox KS, Wang T, Chen Q, Gu W#. Rat BodyMap transcriptomes reveal unique circular RNA features across tissue types and developmental stages. RNA. 2018; 24(11):1443-1456. [Journal] [PDF]
  • Chen Q*, Shi J*, Tao Y, Zernicka-Goetz M#. Tracing the origin of heterogeneity and symmetry breaking in the early mammalian embryo. Nature Communications (2018) 9:1819. DOI: 10.1038/s41467-018-04155-2 [Journal] [PDF]
  • Shi J#, Ko EA, Sanders KM, Chen Q#, Zhou T#. SPORTS1.0: a tool for annotating and profiling non-coding RNAs optimized for rRNA- and tRNA- derived small RNAs. Genomics Proteomics & Bioinformatics  (2018) Apr;16(2):144-151 [Journal] [PDF]
  • Zhang Y*, Zhang X*, Shi J*, Tuorto F*, Li X*, Liu Y, Liebers R, Zhang L, Qu Y, Qian J, Pahima M, Liu Y, Yan M, Cao Z, Lei X, Cao Y, Peng H, Liu S, Wang Y, Zheng H, Woolsey R, Quilici D, Zhai Q, Li L, Zhou T, Yan W, Lyko F, Zhang Y#, Zhou Q#, Duan E#, Chen Q#. Dnmt2 mediates intergenerational transmission of paternally acquired metabolic disorders through sperm small non-coding RNAs. Nature Cell Biology (2018) 20, 535–540. DOI: 10.1038/s41556-018-0087-2 [Journal] [PDF]
    -Highlighted in: Dad’s diet – smRNA methylation signatures in sperm pass on disease risk. Nat Rev Endocrinol. 2018 [PDF]